Snowmobile and Ice Boulders – Game title under development

This is my very first computer game project intended for Android, iOS and Computer. While making hopeful progress on the whole, I am now essentially modifying a framework that was compiled by another brother on an online tutorial his. I have previously gone through the same tutorial and even attempted a test compilation. But when I felt I needed to get something done as soon as possible, I judged it wise to build upon his freely available, ready made scripts and game concept.

Not much personalisation was done to the framework so there was not vanity to address except for speed at which the player object travelled. A simple obstacle course based game where the player is expected to avoid ice boulders as the player object travells through the predefined track/course. I have tried to keep the speed as low but careful not to do away with the purposed challenge.

I am not entirely happy with the current snowmobile model as it looks a little more agressive (especially since it has tracks instead of skids) but it was cheaper ($1) and worked just file for testing. The sleigh/sledge model I desired is $9. While another hopeful snowmobile model is $15

The games are to be ever attempted on a game engine software called Unity using the programming language called C# (may use Java whenever need maybe).