Windows version of the Roll & Collect Game expected

Roll & Collect game for PC

Roll & Collect game for Windows

I am currently working on a Windows/PC version of the Roll & Collect game title and anticipate its publication shortly. Once ready, it shall be listed as an additional download link here (with a Windows/PC markings).

Amongs other modifications, the PC version required that I remove the UI button which were necessary for the Android version (and should be for iOS). The PC version’s controls are either the arrow keys or keys W, A, S & D together with mouse clicks for UI buttons (like the Restart button visible on the top right of the image above). I expect to tweak the core game and update the download links for all target platforms until I should feel it requires no more modifications.

I have taken off the play area texture that may be seen on the Android version to try and boost run speed. I wish to have a texture of some sort there but should take care to ensure its lightweight. Dear God be merciful.