Roll & Collect – for Windows/PC

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  • Game title: Roll & Collect
  • Game controls: Keyboard keys
  • Target Platforms: Windows (iOS, Android & Mac pending)
  • Apk size: 23MB
  • Game description: The player seeks to collect every coin item on each of the 3 levels by rolling a ball to each coin – from bronze coins, through silvers coins to gold coins.

I aim to make small modifications on the current version (such as adding mass and drag to the ball object should it feel more acceptable once tested. I may add a few more levels as well should the same prove necessary. But I am fairly satisfied with overall state of the current version and feel it should serve its intended purpose just fine.

I expect to setup this one “xCode” said to be necessary for publishing Mac base (and possibly iOS based) game versions on the Unity game engine. I wish to replace background audio with a more agreable and complementary one at the next best financial convenience. The current one was sourced free of charge under the CC license. But yes with audio resources, its not easy to avail quality ones at no charge (except for resources under the CC-BY license which I am currently averse to for ministry efficiency reasons).

I expect to make the same changes visible on the current Windows Roll & Collect version to the Android version. Yes I certainly am to maintain uniformity accross game titles adapted for multiple platforms – of cause with the exception of visible touch buttons for versions meant for touch-based control devices such as Android & iOS. Dear God be merciful upon the whole