Drive and Count – For Android & Windows

Drive & Colect 2D game

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  • Game title: Drive & Count
  • Target Platforms: Android & Windows (iOS & Mac pending)
  • Apk size: 24MB
  • Executable .zip 17MB
  • Game description: A simple toddler car driving will 1 through 10 collectible number models.

Game project notes: This is a simple more toddler intended (though funful for my 6 year old too). As with the Toy Robot, both my 3 and 6 year old has a blast playing this little 1 level game. I wish to make few modifications on the existing level. And yes I also wish to add a level two with number models 11 through 20 whenever it may be convenient.  I further wish to intergrate a UI button to help flips back the car in the even that it tips over – but I have yet to figure out how that can be done through C# scripting.

I could have featured one of several innocent collectibles but using number models proved to be a lot wiser. So the little ones not only get preoccupied in a safe & funful activity (while we get other work done), but also avail a little of basic elementary education as they do. This was again another game tutorial project I built upon. But as usual, I have had to modify both scripts and sprites as well as adding several other custom scripts and components (yes I am making much C# progress). This was attempted shortly before the Toy Robot could be at a failrly publishable state it is now in. Currently, only the Windows & Android versions of the Drive & Count are published while the iOS, PC and MAC version should follow on in due course.