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Toy Robot 2D

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  • Game title: Toy Robot
  • Game controls: UI buttons
  • Target Platforms: Android & Windows (iOS & Mac pending)
  • Apk size: 29MB
  • Game description: The player seeks to control their virtual toy robot across a predefined 3 fold platform collecting alphabets and food items.

Game project notes: As noted on the journal entry here, both my little ones had great fun playing this game during its early creation stages. It is a 3 levels game with each level containing part of the 26 alphabets set. When all shall be done, I wish to have each alphabet called out when picked up by the robot model. Again so the little ones grasp a little of elementary education as they are kept hands on. While the game is now at an overall fair playable state, I feel a couple of other areas could use some ironing.

And no I did not create the robot sprite or I would have opted for more friendly looking colors and design than the ones its on (among other compositions). I just felt it was not at all bad though could have been better (changes currently not easy to be applied since the robot was found in PNG bits and not the edit-friendly SVG format). With enough resources, I should certainly use custom built sprites for future games.

Worth  noting: It is true that it should more than like be too costly and inconsistent with Christian temperance to actually keep a really smart robot for a toy but many should agree that there should not be aught held against an essentially free and innocent virtual toy robot. Also, the concept of humanoid robots has been abused quite much but this does not often mean that there can be no fair usability thereof (in my judgement).