Balloon Hunt 3D – Christian Friendly Game for Windows

Bulloon Hunt 3D

Download .zip

  • Game title: Balloon Hunt 3D
  • Game controls: Keyboard & Mouse
  • Target Platforms: Windows/PC (Andoid, iOS, & Mac pending)
  • Apk size: 41MB
  • Number of Levels: 1 (more may be added)
  • Game description: The player seeks to drive around the predefined terrain hunting for a total of 26 colored balloons. Upon each pickup, the balloon color is called out.

Game project notes: The hunt proves kids friendly as effort was not made to hide the balloons in any way. So they can often be spotted from a distance. The challenge is driving and targetting. As with most recently published games, several areas of this Christian friendly intended 3D driving game can use improvement. The engine audio for example can be replaced with one of a better quality. The terrain could be more fun if it could be slightly uneven to thereby openly enteract with the car’s suspension.

The car is based on a suspension that was autogenerated by a freely available script. While way better than nothing, I have had to tweak several of its default settings to both tame the car speed as well as minimizing skidding. The script gerate the suspension script in Java and I had only been trying to learn C# and hence had very little foot hold on much of what was going on when I first started. This is part of why the publication thereof (anticipated since this communication post) dragged longer.