SnowSled & Obstacle Cones 3D – For Android

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  • Game title: SnowSled & Obstacle Cones
  • Game controls: Touch Input
  • Target Platforms: Android (Pending, iOS, & Mac pending)
  • Apk size: 29MB
  • Number of Levels: 1 (more may be added if time resource should allow)
  • Game description: This was the very first game attempt which was then accounted for here. A project I temporally abandoned not once. Thus the time is took to appear amongst published games online. I am between thoughts as to whether it would be more fun to make the snowsled slightly rotatable each time it is swerve to a side to avoid obstacles. Also, I mean to integrate a button that can be used to add little acceleration torque whenever the road ahead may prove clear .

Again while the game can probably be criticized in several ways by professional game developers, it is expected to serve it intended purpose just fine – that is keeping little ones preoccupied without trampling Christian ethics. I may add new levels should time resource permit but this indeed already offers a lot of value. My 3 years old will often seat and alternate between all published games (this one inclusive) be it on the phone or PC. By the way these are the only games for reasons that may already be accounted for here.