A Doodle and Draw program/application for Android

Doodle or Draw

  • Application title: Doodle or Draw
  • Application controls: UI buttons & Swipes
  • Platforms: Android (iOS pending)
  • Apk size: 23MB
  • Number of levels: N/A
  • Application description: This is a simple doodle or drawing application/program for kids. A classic program that can be of value to a Christian’s leasure time.
  • Application project notes: Not necessarily a game but this application type have proven to be capable of keeping little ones preoccupied. For which reason I had for some time desired to have it included on the existing Chrisitian friendly game publications. Not many changes were made to the the original template on which the program/application is adapted (downloaded for free online) but I certaily mean to so do. I mean to, for axample, add a few more color options. Perhaps a fill bucket as well if I can hunt out and find its scripting. Some colorable images as well unless if that could be a stand alone app.

The drawable could use some adjustment as well as resizing. The eraser is currenctly munipilated to simple draw white colored lines to create and erase illusion. While this works well for the current version, this might interfer bandly should a fill bucket be intergrated as desired. Dear God have mercy on the whole.