A simple Christian friendly Memory Game for Android & PC

Memory Vehicles

Download *Zip

  • Game title: Memory Vehicles Animals
  • Game controls: UI buttons & Mouse
  • Platforms: Android & PC (iOS & Mac pending)
  • Apk size: 25MB for Android
  • Zip size: 16MB for PC
  • Number of levels: One
  • Game description: On this Christian friendly intended game, the player seeks find all matching vehicle animal pairs by flipping the hidding square cards.
  • Game project notes: This one level game proved to be failry playable when I presented it before my little ones. They however quicky lost interest due to the want of more challege owing to the level being just one. But they certainly had a blast when they first tried it out. I shall check if I can arrange more fun images on which I can base additional levels. I also wish to add a tries count for those who may be interested on monitoring any progress – never at all for emulation. And if possible including a toggled switch for cases where one may wish to monitor no progress.

I had to mumble up the vehicle images used on the current version from a vector program but it might make more sense to use stock vector images once I can afford a paid account as the goodly free versions often require attribution – which do not always work out best.

P.S Animal images are used on the current version. Though for varied levels’ sake, the vehicle images could be restored. Dear God be mercy!