A Christian friendly Loop Taxi for Android & PC

  • Game title: Loop Taxi
  • Game controls: UI buttons & Keyboard
  • Platforms: Android & PC (iOS & Mac pending)
  • Apk size: 24MB for Android
  • Zip size: 17MB for PC
  • Number of levels: One
  • Game description: On this Christian friendly game, the player picks up fares and delivered them to their desired destinations.

Game project notes: This Christian friendly intended taxi game currently features a single level but proves to can permit varied levels (based on location, destinations and designation distances). As with several other games already published, the Loop Taxi can appreciate much tweaking.

It is unfortunately a game created during my season of straightness. A season where carefulness seems to come from multiple sides – with monthly earnings getting overwhelmed by monthly obligations. And we still have not been able to sell our old KIA. Consequently the desired relocation has not been made a possibility.

Loop Taxi is therefore a game that has perhaps seen the longest publication waiting period. While desiring relief, we are well resigned to take on this season of want patiently for as long as the Lord would.