Kids 2D Picture Puzzles game | Android & PC

  • Game title: Picture Puzzles
  • Game controls: UI Buttons & Mouse
  • Platforms: Android & PC (iOS & Mac pending)
  • Apk size: 23MB for Android
  • Zip size: 31MB for PC
  • Number of levels: N/A (But there 8 pictures to choose from)
  • Game description: A Christian friendly 2D picture puzzle game where the player seeks to rearrange a picture by dragging and dropping its shuffled block pieces. A peek/hit button included to help the player avail a hint of the shuffled picture.

Game project notes: Another freely outsourced template based game. As with some of the game projects, not much script work was done here. I instead had to swap out pretty much all images that were used on the template –  as well as adding more scenes in order to add support for multiple picture options. Also to rebuild the menu scene amongst few other UI modifications. I sought to use only CC0 images lest I should offend – and hence the choices were not much. Especially since it was also necessary to pick out only those that appeared to be consistent with Christian sobriety. Once the ministry should afford, the use of more quality images (free of Christian offense) can be expected.

Also, I would that we ultimately publish one that should support the use of custom pictures. Then shall the value thereby be maximized. Also, this was free because it is the author’s lite version limited to only 3×3 blocks – while their paid version supports upto 10×10. Which may be procured should wisdom ever suggest.