Kids Balloon Across 2D game | Android & PC

  • Game title: Balloon Across
  • Game controls: UI Buttons & Mouse
  • Platforms: Android & PC (iOS & Mac pending)
  • Apk size: 24MB for Android
  • Zip size: 17MB for PC
  • Number of levels: One endless level (so it seemed)
  • Game description: A Christian friendly 2D hot air ballooning game where the player seeks to keep their hot air balloon in the air and away from tree obstacles as they collect smaller airborne balloons.

Game project notes: Yet another ready made game template found offered for free online – by the same author of the one used here. The template originally featured a chick traveling across on a jet pack with obstacles as shown on the below picture. A setup I found quite off – and accordingly sought to rewrite the whole theme. And a balloon and trees made sense. Again when the chick would hit one of the obstacles (whether stone or metal I could not best tell), it would mercilessly drop straight into water below.The same I found unbecoming and sought to have the balloon force-land after a tree crash and that in a slower motion. So above swapping out sprites, a considerable amount of scripts modification indeed became necessary. I still wish to integrate random color generation of the collectible airborne balloons should providence permit. May the LORD show mercy upon the whole in Christ Jesus’ name.