Kids Fishing 2D – Christian wholesome | For Android

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  • Game title : Kids Fishing 2D
  • Game controls: Touch inputs
  • Platforms: Android (PC, iOS & Mac pending)
  • Zip size: 27 MB for PC
  • Number of levels: 3 difficulty levels
  • Game description: Navigate your hook across the reef to catch predefined fish types. Earn a sticker for each set of 5 correctly caught fish. Lookout for fish that suddenly decide to speed off. Is the predefined fish taking long to swim across? Tap on the display screen to have a different fish type recommendation. Currently there are only five stickers to be rewarded but we are hoping to add some more in the next possible update.

Game project notes: Making progress with unity seeming. The quality of the output seems to be getting better and better. Went on to published the game though a scoring bug was noticed. Hope to fix it on the next possible update.

Change log:

This is the first release