About this ministry

I am convinced the ministry of ‘temperate’ games can offer justified value to the earthly pilgrimage of an earnest or biblical Christian. Be it ancient and physically evolved or modern and computerized ones. This of cause is provided they are not enjoyed in access. Because just as sleep can be innocent and great for a man’s health, when abused (through oversleeping when one could be rationally up and ministering in one form or the other) can be punishable evil.

I have also had occasion to take particular notice on how the same value or utility of games (computerized ones in particular) would be most apparent amongst our older sons (6 & 4). How they could keep them preoccupied while we tried to get some work or rest done. However because many games out there will often either be plain abominable (in theme, composition or both) or be quite decent and promising but at the same time guilty of being materially spotted with carnal appetites (and therefore essentially to be avoided), it proved necessary to have available a ministry that should, through grace, labor to curate a library of ‘biblical’ or Christian friendly game titles.

It was therefore because of the evident leanness of this library type that the likeChrist Ministries was brought to commit to creating, promote the creation thereof or simply mobilize the creation of kids computer based (including smartphones) games that should be careful never to offend in their make-up. To thereby help contribute towards any existing library of biblical or simply Christian friendly kids games.

Yes I believe there already exist a great many value adding games with hopeful themes or game play out there, but because many are often non-Christians developed, they are as much often spotted with the world’s vanities and appetites, leaving Christians with not much choices but to consider backing away. But this is amongst others one area we believe Christians can help it and hence our commitment to help address. And must contend that any financially enabled saint that perceives value in our works and intent would kindly consider giving (in the name of ministry support) to help in the further developing of the same.

Otherwise the likeChrist Ministries’ fuller story can be read from here here.

Through out all our kids oriented sub-ministries, the following are some of the questions we seek to answer. Missionaries with young children with them (or kept on their behalf away must consider similar question):
  • How do our younger children (as Christian parents) pass their time on daily basis?
  • How do we keep them preoccupied when we have to be busy elsewhere?
  • What do they do when not at Sunday school or elementary?
  • What computer or phone games do we let them play?
  • What stories do they read or listen to (both at home as well as school?)
  • What video literatures do they pass their time watching?
  • Who (or what material) facilitates their elementary education?