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Dec 2018
Drive & Colect 2D game

Drive and Count – For Android & Windows

    Game title: Drive & Count Target Platforms: Android & Windows (iOS & Mac pending) Apk size: 24MB Executable

Nov 2018

Roll & Collect – for Windows/PC

Game title: Roll & Collect Game controls: Keyboard keys Target Platforms: Windows (iOS, Android & Mac pending) Apk size: 23MB

Nov 2018
Roll & Collect game for PC

Windows version of the Roll & Collect Game expected

I am currently working on a Windows/PC version of the Roll & Collect game title and anticipate its publication shortly.

Nov 2018

Roll & Collect – For Android

Game title: Roll & Collect Game controls: UI buttons Platforms: Android (iOS, PC & Mac pending) Apk size: 27MB Game

Nov 2018

Snowmobile and Ice Boulders – Game title under development

This is my very first computer game project intended for Android, iOS and Computer. While making hopeful progress on the

Some games may be little buggy though fairly playable